"Is it any surprise a literal translation is nearly always a bad one? Yet a perfect translation is always possible. To understand a language fully, you need to know the culture behind the language."

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg (1742-1799), German physics professor and aphorist

A good translation ...

signals the esteem you have for your foreign-speaking customers. A culturally well-adapted website, a professionally and politely worded business letter, a presentation without any embarrassing blunders, a convincingly phrased press release - all these communicate your expertise and open new doors to business opportunities for you and your company.

A translation by an experienced, native-speaking translator not only ensures it accurately conveys the message of the original, but also reproduces the original tone. The language skills of the translator, his knowledge of the cultural differences and accepted language norms in both languages, as well as his understanding of the topic of the document, guarantee a high-quality translation in terms of language, style and terminology.

We don't just translate your words, we transpose your message from one culture to the other: correctly, elegantly and in the fitting style.

How it works ...
  • You send us - if possible by email - your instructions together with your text and your required delivery time. Naturally, you can also contact us by telephone if you have detailed questions at any time. Here you will find our contact details and an enquiry form.
  • You promptly receive a proposal for your translation from us, without obligation and free of charge. Please refer to the information about our prices and processing periods.
  • After receipt of your acceptance, we translate your text, ideally directly replacing the text in your formatted document.
  • We can work with most popular text formats without any problems, e.g. plain text files (.txt), text within an email message, MS-Office files such as Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and Excel (.xlsx).
  • If you work with proprietary software, e.g. DTP software, please first export the text in one of the above formats. You will then need to reprocess the translation we deliver into your own software format.
  • Alternatively, you can send us a PDF, from which we can extract the text content for you. However, if this involves performing extra work - particularly with multiple column documents, tables and text in diagrams and embedded graphics etc. - we may have to charge extra.
  • We will match the appearance of the translation based on the layout of the original text as much as possible.

As a basic principle, we translate only German to English and English to German. By using us, you can be sure only an experienced native speaker translates your text. Read more about our qualifications in About us.