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"I never teach my pupils; I just try to provide the conditions in which they can learn."

Attributed to Albert Einstein

English Coaching
English has become the common language of international business and so it is important you are confident using English with international contacts from anywhere in the world.

Alan Frostick offers coaching in the Hamburg area that is designed to suit your needs. The target is to establish and build your proficiency and confidence in the use of business-oriented English. The teaching is typically conducted in small groups on your company premises, designed around the needs and ability of attendees.

The training typically includes practicing business communications, such as making telephone calls, preparing for business meetings, presentations and conferences, and conducting interviews. There are practical exercises involving lively group conversations, role plays, working on exercises and quizzes together, reading with pronunciation guidance and other specific tasks like writing emails.

The costs are negotiable, depending on group size and learning level. Business prices for in-house trainings (including travel) generally range from 35 to 45 euros per 45-minute unit, with a minimum of 90 minutes per session.

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